Bride of the Water God, Vol. 13






Julia Kwon Gombos

Bride of the Water God 13

Yun Mi-kyung

Love triangles between gods, goddesses, and humans lead to betrayals and deaths in this shocking new volume of Bride of the Water God! Mura - the manipulative goddess who's been trying to separate Habaek and his human bride, Soah - forces Habaek into a showdown on Cheong-Yo Mountain, where she's most powerful. As a civil war erupts in the realms of the gods, the Emperor puts his own devious plan in motion to hurt Habaek and those he loves, forcing Habaek's mother to make a horrible choice. 

Writer/artist Mi-Kyung Yun's engaging, complex story line and elaborate, breathtaking artwork combine to make this volume of romantic fantasy the most riveting and action packed yet!

manga, guder