Bride of the Water God, Vol. 4






Julia Kwon Gombos

Bride of the Water God 4

Yun Mi-kyung

Gods and mortals alike are in love with Soah! Driven from her husband Habaek's magical kingdom, Soah's life back on Earth has been pretty miserable so far, despite her many admirers. With Habaek's mother and some of his supposed friends conspiring against him, will the cursed Water God finally come to his senses and rescue Soah? Dark Horse Manhwa's engrossing and mysterious fantasy-romance series returns, and writer/artist Mi-Kyung Yun brings more of Habaek's colorful peers to the forefront. Humor, drama, and a bit of horror combine in this story, as Soah tries to uncover the truth behind her strange husband's curse and his previous wife's early, brutal demise. Complicating everything, Habaek - her powerful, moody husband - must live in the form of a little boy during the day, returning to his true adult body at night.

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