Castle in the air






Howl's moving castle 2

Diana Wynne Jones

This is the sequel to Howl`s moving castle

Young merchant Abdullah leads a humble life. Or he did until a stranger sold him a threadbare - and disagreeable - magic carpet. Now Abdullah is caught in the middle of his grand daydreams. Waking one night in a luxurious garden, he meets and falls instantly in love with the beautiful and clever Flower-in-the-Night. But a wicked djinn sweeps the princess away right before Abdullah's eyes,  leaving the young man no choice but to follow. This is no ordinary quest, however, for Flower-in-the-Night isn't all the djinn has stolen. Abdullah will have the so-called help of the cantankerous carpet, a cranky genie in a bottle, a dishonest soldier, and a very opinionated black cat. Will this motley crew be able to find the djinn's mysterious dwelling and rescue a castle full of princesses?

Note: This is the second of three books featuring Howl`s moving castle. Although it might not seem like it when one read the info about these books it is follows Howl`s moving castle (book 1) and is followed by House of many ways (book 3).

magi, kidnapping