Doctor Proktor's fart powder







Tara Chace

Mike Lowerny

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Doctor Proctor 1

Jo Nesbø

Doctor Proctor has finally created something to help him fulfil his dream of becoming a world famous inventor - a super-strength fart powder that can propel people into outer space! And with the help of his new neighbour, eleven-year-old Nilly, and Nilly's friend Lisa, Doctor Proctor's fart powder is ready to go worldwide!

But Truls and Trym, the terrible twins who love to torment Lisa, are determined to get hold of the fart powder for their own evil purposes. Their plot to spoil Doctor Proctor's plans sparks a fart-filled adventure involving a firework extravaganza, a trip to prison and an escaped anaconda...

prompehumor, doctor proctor, fart-powder