Claudia Gray

A lonely girl, a beautiful boy and a load of terrifying vampires. Think you've seen it before? Well get ready for a shock, because this is paranormal romance with a twist and a razor-sharp bite. 

Welcome to Evernight Academy. Don't chew gum. Don't feed on humans. Try not to die. 

Bianca is devastated when she finds herself uprooted from her small town and sent to Evernight Academy, an elite boarding school. Hidden in the woods, there's something more than a little creepy about her mysterious new home. Soon Bianca discovers she could never fit in with the Evernight students -- they're just too sleek, sophisticated and beautiful to be real. But just when Bianca has resigned herself to being lonely forever, she meets Lucas -- an outcast like Bianca, even if he's way too hot to possibly be interested in her. But he has his secrets... and so does Bianca.

This is the first book in the Evernight series